Visual Supports 7 Day Challenge

This free 7-day challenge will take you from feeling unsure about which visuals to implement in your classroom or home to feeling confident and ready to go!  Educators and parents who join the Autism Little Learners challenges are action-takers.  So, if you want to "get 'er done" and move forward with consistently using visual supports that really work, you are in the right place!

These 7 visual supports are key for:

⭐️ creating predictable routines

⭐️ getting all of the adults on the "same page" and working together

⭐️ focusing on the autistic child's strengths

⭐️ teaching beginning independence skills

⭐️ reducing anxiety in young autistic children

⭐️ increasing understanding of daily routines

⭐️ encouraging communication skills

Join me in this 7-day video series now.  Share the link with your teacher and parent besties!  

The challenge starts on Sunday, April 16th! 🙌🏼

See you inside!


PS - You will have the opportunity to register for the Visual Schedules Made Easy Course after the challenge ❤️

What People Are Saying:

The all done bucket is a miracle tool in my classroom! Thank you!! ❤️ - LeShaun

This [the wait mat] has saved me...SAVED ME!!!!! My daughter knows things will stay and wait here!! I need to print one for the car so that stuffed animal friends do not go into school or any annoying toys!! 🤣. I need to print and laminate at least 50 more for my sanity!!!! - Kathleen

The star chart was a game changer with transitions at home and in the community. So much more effective than just saying it's time to leave! -Simone

I just tried this [star chart] today with AMAZING results!! Lately my six year old has become one non-stop tanrum when it comes to transitions. We tried a visual timer app and he hated it. Today I used this star chart to transition to and from screen time, outdoor play, car rides, speech therapy, and the playground. All of these usually result in a tantrum and/or running away. He warmed up ot the chart a little more each time we used it. The playground transition was the most extraordinary. Folks, he was dressed in a ninja costume and found a little girl who played ninja with him. I put the first star on the chart. He cried a little and ran back to his new friend. A few minutes later I added the second star and he kind of shrugged. A short time later he ASKED FOR THE THIRD STAR and said he was ready to go home. It was like a miracle! -Rose