Your Key to Confidently Supporting

Young Autistic Children: 

The Autism Little Learners Membership


If you're looking to build your skills to better meet the needs of your young autistic students or child, the Autism Little Learners Membership is for you. If you are ready to take the stress out of finding activities that are at the “just right level”, this membership is just what you need.  

If you're an educator or parent looking for support and readily available resources available so you can help young autistic children learn then you are ABSOLUTELY in the right place...

  • Do you find yourself buying multiple resources for your students or child hoping they will be at the right level only to discover you need to modify them?
  • Do you have anxiety about not knowing where to start with some of your most challenging students?
  • Maybe you simply feel overwhelmed & stressed related to planning or knowing where to start?

The membership is here to make YOUR life easier while providing you with new resources and a training each month that will assist you in making progress with your child or students!  

Join The Autism Little Learners Membership

With the Membership You Will....


  • Feel Less Overwhelmed

    Training & resources made available to you monthly plus ongoing support through a FB Group and Office Hours.
  • Reduce Stress

    Educators & parents have had so much thrown at them. This membership will help to take one more thing off your plate with countless resources and training.  The membership will help you simplify.
  • Save Time

    You are incredibly busy and want resources designed for what you need versus having to go out and search for something that may or may not work.  Plus, you'll receive new resources each month to make progress with your students. The trainings are "on demand" so you can watch when it works for you.
  • Serve Your Students Better

    Practice with new skills should be implemented across settings and across people in the child's environment.  This membership will help you do that!
  • Become A Thoughtful, Neurodiversity Affirming Educator

    You can to stay up to date on the latest information about the best practices in the area of autism.  You also want to support your students in ND affirming ways.
  •  Spend More Time Doing The Things You Love

    If you are like me, you want to work your contract hours and spend your nights and weekends with your family or doing the things you love.
I Want In! 🙌🏼

A Little Peek Inside The Membership Hub!

What’s Inside the Autism Little Learners Membership?

  • The membership hub is loaded with a variety of products to easily download  to support your student or child's language and social development, as well as pre-academic skills.
  • In addition to the hundreds of resources already in the membership hub, you will receive one new product, a pre-recorded video training, and a handout/template each month.  
  • The membership also includes a private FB group, just for members!!  This FB group is to help provide support and exchange ideas for teaching young autistic children.  We will be able to support each other with the implementation of the resources and share successes!  We will also be there to support each other with ideas for any struggles we are having at home or in the classroom.  Community is everything!  
  • PLUS, one of the most exciting parts of the membership is that there is a monthly "office hour" call via Zoom!  You can hop on anytime during that hour to ask questions and get support. 
The membership is here to make YOUR life easier while providing you with new resources each month that will be right at your fingertips and can be used to help your young students and children learn and make progress!  

Quick Snapshot of What's Included:

  • Hundreds of resources in the membership hub
  • Sample IEP Goals
  • Monthly Office Hour Via Zoom
  • Members ONLY FB Group 
  • BONUS - Free Access To The Adapted Book Library!!

Monthly Product!

You will have access to a new resource each month.  Some are new additions to TPT, and some are exclusive to the membership hub.

Monthly On-Demand Training!

A new professional development training is added to the membership hub each month.  Watch when it works for you!



As a member of the Autism Little Learners Membership, you will have free access to the Adapted Book Library (ABL).  ABL is searchable and includes visuals and extension activities for board books and paperback books.  There is also a section of Interactive Visual Books!

Get Access Today! 🎉

I can’t wait for you to join the Membership!

I put this membership together because I kept hearing from educators & parents that were looking for resources, support & trainings to help move their students and children forward with their learning. 

If you're already buying products from me, this is just another way to gain more resources, support & training while saving $$.  I can't wait to see you inside the membership!  

Tara Phillips, M.S. CCC-SLP & Founder of Autism Little Learners


Still thinking about it?

The Autism Little Learners Membership is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. You are a speech/language pathologist or special education teacher working with young autistic children.

  2. You are a mama or daddy who wants some ideas & resources to help your child effectively communicate with others, even if they are currently non-speaking or have limited verbal skills.

  3. You are incredibly busy & want to save time (and $$)!
  4. You feel overwhelmed and want some ideas & resources to make things easier for you.
  5. You're tired!  You've had so much thrown at you as an educator or parent and you want to take something off your plate to reduce your stress.
  6. You want to serve your students better!
  7. You love the idea of being able to simplify your planning & be able to spend more time doing what you want.

Autism Little Learners Membership

12 Monthly Payments of




A One-Time Payment of



⬇️ Still on the fence?  Take a look inside the membership hub with me!  ⬇️

Click the video below for a little tour of the membership hub.


"The resources from Autism Little Learners have been a game changer for me this year! I transitioned to an Elementary Autism/EBD classroom this year after spending 10 years in early childhood. I was nervous about having appropriate materials for the students on my caseload. My students have responded so well - the clipart captures their attention. I am able to differentiate tasks to a variety of age levels and abilities. My speech therapist and I are able to use the same activities to target academic, communication and social goals."

 - Casandra S., Special Education Teacher
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Frequently Asked Questions

"I have loved these products!  They are perfect for teaching early language skills (vocabulary, verbs, concepts, answering questions) to my preschool students, with and without an autism diagnosis.  The consistent style is great for whatever unit I may be using and I appreciate how easy the activities are to send home for carryover."

- Ann, Speech/Language Pathologist

"After using a couple of the activities , I am sold on Autism Little Learners.  I don’t have to search anywhere else to find what I am looking for. Do yourself a favor and grab this membership now, you will save yourself so much time and energy. I love and can't recommend these products enough!"

- Sofia, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher 

"Every night I worry about my daughter's future & thought there should be a way for me to stepped up & help. So I started working to find ways how to teach my tots! Autism Little Learners help me teach my daughter & prepare my son for pre-K3. Even with schools to shutting down, my two tots don't show much regression!

- Maje, Mother of Two

My Guarantee to YOU!

"As with everything I do, let's make sure this is a good fit! I am confident that this membership will bring you a huge amount of value whether you're a teacher or parent! If for some reason, this membership isn't a good fit - simply reach out and you can cancel at anytime!"


- Tara Phillips, M.S. CCC-SLP & Founder of Autism Little Learners